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Get to Know Our Missionaries



Gene and Cheryl Toombs 

Served in Africa; now serving in Charlotte, NC

Gene and Cheryl Toombs met one another at Taylor University in 1966. Gene had accepted the Lord as his personal Savior in 1960 and was desirous of serving Him full time. His experience as a soldier in Vietnam made him especially sensitive to the tremendous need for the gospel overseas.


Cheryl, having come to know the Lord as a child, felt the call to missions from her sophomore year in high school. When Gene and Cheryl met at Taylor, it wasn’t long before they realized they both shared the same burden to serve the Lord overseas. They subsequently fell in love and married on June 8, 1968. The following year they both graduated from Taylor.


Gene and Cheryl have known the call of missions on their lives from the beginning of their marriage. They both became involved in the local church, teaching Sunday school and operating a foster home for girls who were wards of the court. Their pastor introduced them to United World Mission, and they began the process of applying and fulfilling the requirements to become missionaries. During this long process of preparation, their first son, Matthew, was born. 


Gene was required to obtain more credit hours in Bible, so he enrolled in Fort Wayne Bible College. After that year was completed, they attended a program called “Missionary Internship” in Farmington, Michigan which required an additional year. The task of raising their financial support took another year before they were finally able to leave the States for language study in 1972. The official language in Senegal is French, so they needed to learn that language. Their year of language study was spent in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Finally on Nov. 23, 1973, they arrived in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Gene’s ministry was teaching at Dakar Academy, a tri-mission school for missionaries’ children and children of other English-speaking expatriots living in Dakar. By assuring a proper formal education for their children, Dakar Academy has been able to serve missionaries from over 10 different missionary societies. The Lord has used Dakar Academy as a wonderful tool of evangelism also. About half of the student body are not children of missionaries, but rather, children of other English-speaking people in Dakar. Dakar is an international city, and at any given year the enrollment of the Academy will consist of kids from 20 to 25 different nationalities. Many, many children have been introduced to Jesus Christ through their Bible classes and the tender loving care of their teachers at Dakar Academy.


Cheryl’s involvement with ministry has been quite varied, adapted to the needs of the family. During the early years, she assisted with a “Good News Club” for African children, and also a hand-crafts/Bible class for women. Through the years she has also taught Sunday School, taught Bible classes at Dakar Academy, acted as field treasurer and field hostess, and served on the church’s board of deacons as well as Dakar Academy’s Board.


Their oldest son, Matthew, was 3 years old when they arrived in Senegal. Aaron was born in 1974, seven months after their arrival. Jodie was also born in Senegal in 1977. The years quickly passed and Matt soon went off to college in the United States. He married Elena Flor in 1994. In 1995 he graduated from Christian Heritage College. Matt and Elena plan to return to Senegal as missionaries after completing their French studies in Canada. Aaron graduated in 1997 from Christian Heritage College. He and his wife, Sara, are now serving in Senegal West Africa.  Jodie graduated from high school at Dakar Academy and is now a certified nursing assistant and seeking a job in North Carolina. She hopes to someday join her brothers in Senegal as a missionary.  


The Lord has given the Toombs family many wonderful years in Senegal, and it was with mixed emotions and even some tears that they left the field in 1996. Gene is presently Prayer Coordinator and Cheryl is responsible for payroll and benefits at UWM’s main office in Charlotte, NC. Gene is also involved in helping their church home in Charlotte, NC, over the last five years, with short-term trips (ave. one a year) to Senegal.

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Daniel and Myriam Liberek

Serving as Field Director with United World Mission in Belgium

Born in the U.K. to missionary parents, Daniel was  raised in Belgium and trained at Columbia Int. University and at Wheaton College
Graduate School.  He is presently taking Classes from Columbia Int. University in view of obtaining at Doctor of Ministry degree.

Myriam, a Belgian citizen, was raised in a committed household. They were married in 1983 and have three daughters (Mical, 27; Elizabeth, 25 and Rebekah, 24) and two sons (Joel, 20 and Timothy, 16).  They are the very proud grandparents of Fanny (born march 2011 to Rebekah and Gregory).

They joined United World Mission in 1980 (Myriam in 1983).  After serving for 20 years in Belgium they were also given regional
responsibilities.  After serving for over ten years as Regional Director for Europe and four years as Regional Director for Africa they asked to be relieved of these responsibilities to be able to concentrate on and deepen their ministry in Belgium.

Their ministry is presently all about church growth in Belgium !

Daniel and Myriam are helping to:
  • Establish a strong, visible, contextualized, outward focused, holistic, socially aware and reproducible ministry church in Huy,Belgium
  • Train Belgians for a variety of ministries (evangelism, church-planting, soical outreach, mentoring, etc.)
  • Anchor and mentor the Expedition 237 team in Belgium as its members discover and establish outreach platforms to reach post-moderns
  • Serve as a resource person for special tasks and assignments for United World Mission
  • Open new locations for strategic and innovative ministries in Belgium

Past experiences:

Through the years the Lord has seen fit to involve us in the following ministries (We stand amazed at his grace and empowering!) :

  • Pastoring
  • Mentoring new national pastors
  • Church-planting
  • Evangelism of many kinds and types
  • Youth camp work (camp counselor, camp director, camp speaker)
  • Interpretation and translation -- It has been a great privilege to interpret for men and women of God such as Joni, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Ravi Zacharias, Joseph Stowell, Billy Kim, Chuck Colson, ... Jim Colledge !
  • Mentoring younger missionaries
  • Speaking at several regional gatherings of missionaries (Asia, Africa, Europe)
  • Overseeing the ministries of UWM in Africa (5 years)
  • Overseeing the ministries of UWM in Western Europe (10 years) and in all of Europe (4 years)
  • Leading the construction of new church buildings
  • Leading the construction of the social center (9 social housing units) and establishing a
  • Teaching at the Belgian Bible Institute (10 years) and at CEFOBI (Bible school in Congo, Brazzaville)
  • Leading a support group for church-planters in Belgium
  • Leading a group seeking to produce a DVD based mentoring program for new believers
  • Hosting countless teams of short term missionaries from many churches in the US (including 5 or 6 from Hudson Community Chapel). These focused on construction projects, evangelism, bike-evangelism ...


Contact information:

Phone: Landline in Belgium: +32 85 215305

Cell phone in Belgium: +32 498 260783

Vonage phone: 216 393 9234

Cell phone when in US: 216 262 1914

Web page: (will be up in a few days)

Web page UWM:

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Mike and Linda Petkof

Serving in Greece with Child Evangelism Fellowship
In 1992, Mike and Linda are accepted as missionary candidates to serve in the country of Greece.  Two internships later and a couple years of prayer a raising support they arrived in Greece in January of 1998.  They have been serving in and around Thessaloniki for over 12 years.  In the beginning, Greece was the mission field that the Lord called them to but now it has become their home.
The first years were the building blocks.  They started with language study, birthday party Bible clubs for their boys, and a Good News Club for the missionary children.  They also helped build up the CEF of Greece camp facilities in the village of Filyro.  Mike also seeks out and ministers to the poor Gypsy children who need to know the hope that can only be found through the knowledge of the Word of God and a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He and others minister to 12 different Gypsy groups on a onthly or weekly basis.
Please pray with them:
  • That the hearts of the Greeks will become open to the love of Christ.
  • For continued open doors in ministering to the Gypsy children.
  • For new Gypsy churches to be planted so that the children we minister to will have somewhere to attend.
  • For God's guiding hand on the lives of our boys Michael, Peter, and Alex.
  • For new workers to reach the two million children in Greece.
  • For a continued strong prayer and financial support team.
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Shan Reed

Serving with North American Baptist Conference in JAPAN
Shan was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1969.  Her parents have served as models for her spiritual and professional development.  As a fourth grader, she began to understand that her parent's faith could not be transferred as her own, that she had to make that decision on her own.  In April of 1979 she was baptized and became a member of West Center Street Baptist Church in Madison, SD.  During Shan's junior high and senior high years at school, her family hosted nine Japanese exchange students.  Her interest in missions, specifically in Japan, grew through her broadened awareness of the needs overseas.
Shan is a graduate of of Bethel College in St. Paul, MN, with a B.A. in Elementary Education.  She was active in band, youth activities, college-aged Sunday school, and tutoring Japanese college students in English.  She has studied both Spanish and Japanese.  In 1996 she moved to Tsu, Japan to teach in the English as a second language program.
"The moment I stepped off the train in Tsu, Japan," says Shan, "I felt at home.  I did not know the language or the customs; however, I felt I was home."  After teaching in Japan for two years, she felt God affirmed her desire to go back as a career missionary.  She completed her Master's degree at the North American Baptist Seminary at the North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD, and returned to Japan to study the language.  She had 2 years of formal language training.
She moved to Osaka Fu, Japan as she seeks to evangelize and minister through a church plant in Izumi, Osaka, and Komyo Christian Church.
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 Tim Munger

Serving with "The Friends of Israel" in Michigan
"Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry is an evangelical faith ministry that makes Christ known through the proclamation of the Gospel to Jewish people and their Gentile neighbors. A trained staff serves in seven countries on four continents. Our outreach includes personal work, Bible studies, "Thank God for Israel" programs, Hebrew-Christian fellowships, seminars, teaching tours to Israel, relief programs, literature distribution, and an audio/video ministry. The ultimate goal is to convert Jews to Christianity."
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