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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Parish Wellness Ministry


You may have a health concern: a new diagnosis, a serious illness, or a desire to improve your health. The Faith Community Nurse (FCN) and the Health Ministry Team can build a bridge of support between you and your doctor, your family, and your faith community. 

Our Parish Wellness Ministry (PWM) was formed by members of the parish and is a partner with the Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals Faith Community Nursing Network. The leadership of this ministry is entrusted to the registered nurses of the parish who have been educated as Faith Community Nurses, working together with other professionals and volunteers of the parish. 
What is the mission of the Parish Wellness Ministry?
     ~To enhance the love, health and fellowship displayed in this institution by the grace, love and guidance of our Lord Jesus.
What is the role of the PWM team?
     ~To participate as volunteers committed to the prevention and detection of
        unhealthy processes and to promote healthier lifestyles
The Team will:
         Discuss health problems with you and /or your family members
         Make home, hospital and extended-care facility visits
         Seek to educate people of all ages through lecture, health fairs, clinics,
         Be a health service referral source
         Act as a liaison between the community and hospital
         Keep documents and records on clients secure and following protocol
           for confidentiality
         Evaluate the ministry and parishioners’ needs regularly
         Participate in peer review and other means of evaluation to assurequality practice
         Continuously update and educate the resource facilitator
         Assist people to integrate faith and health by meeting the needs of the
           whole person-spirit, mind, body and relationship.
How do you contact the PWM team?
        ~To reach a member or to inquire about joining the team, you may leave a
           message a the church office at (586) 293-3731 and someone will contact
           you as soon as possible. 
“And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.”   Luke 9:2


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 Cold and Flu Season is here!  Please view the website below for seasonal information to keep yourself and others health.

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